An Asteroids clone with modern features
How long will you survive? Face the asteroids and break them with your laser or special weapons.

Gain as much points as possible, your best score will be submitted!

How to play

  • Movement
    • press keys: W,S,A,D - movement
    • tap key: S - brake
  • Weapons
    • click: Left Mouse Button - basic weapon
    • press key: 2 - special weapon alpha
    • press key: 3 - special weapon beta
  • Options
    • press key: Esc - pause menu
    • press key: m - mute music


"Finally you are on your way home, but there is still a hell of a ride in front of you.
Asteroid-Belts are only the beginning. Fight your way back, your family

is waiting for you."

- somebody sad that

Development log


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Well done.  Here are my thoughts:

Gameplay feels pretty solid, maybe a little bit floaty but it is an asteroids game. All of the powerups feel solid and the weapons are fun to use.

As for improvements - It would be nice to have a way to view global leaderboards, perhaps separated into daily/weekly/all time categories, so that you can see all of the scores and not just the next best one. More weapon variety would also be nice.

Otherwise, really solid job. I'm looking forward to seeing where you take this. 5/5


Hey, I'm trying this out but I can't get past the login page.  I made a username and password, but I can't use them to login.  Any suggestions?

Hi, there are maybe some connection problems with the firebase-auth. That's the backend I use to store the highscore.
Would you mind, trying to register (new pilot) again without using numbers at the beginning of your username? It is possible that this is causing some troubles. But I'm not sure yet. Sorry for this blooper, I tested the Login/Register System on 2 PCs in different browsers and it worked fine. But it seems that sometimes firebase-auth is having connection problems and therefore stops creating the account in the middle of the process. I'm going to find out more about this problem.
Please let me know if the solution worked out for you or if other problems appeared. Ty

Hey, you were right.  I couldn't use numbers at the beginning of my login name, nor at the end of my username.  But when I made a bunch of random letters I got in just fine.

The game plays really well!  I love the powerup # 2--very useful!  Great work, Underdog!  5/5, would get exploded to bits again.

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Nice. I'm glad it worked out well in the end. Still, I have to take a closer look at the problem. Thanks for the review
(Edit) The problem is solved now