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To share some info about the current state...

Since Asteroid.X is no big game the progress is pretty advanced.

  • Login/Register-System
    worked out, which is important for the high-score system. You now don't need a e-mail adress to sign in. Username and Password will be sufficient.  Although in further state I'm planing to give players, the opportunity to add their mail address. Which will be needed if a user forgets it's password e.g.
  • High-Score
    is almost finished. The score the player achieves is saved in a cloud database. The player's current rank is displayed, also which score he needs to beat next to climb the ladder. In further state I'd like to build a real high-score list where you can see all your opponents, their score and rank. Maybe some side information too like: how long they survived, how many asteroids/drones they destroyed etc. I think that would be nice to know.
  • Ship Movement
    is also finished. But still working on improvements.
  • Asteroids
    they are brutal and waiting to crush you. Some rotation and different asteroid variations will be added.
  • Drones / Enemies
    nare now implemented in the game. Although they are still a prototype. Further they will spawn Power Ups after the player kills them.
  • HUD & UI
    well that is so huge (you won't believe it) that I should open a very own devlog for this one. But even though the main elements are set and working. They give you the information you need. The graphics are mostly hold minimalistic but that will change. I'm still working on a bunch of other things that will help you out even more, like Tooltips, a lightweight tutorial, etc.
  • Weapons
    that's a big one too, for now you have 3 different types that you can use to show your aggression against those flying space rocks. Including a cooldown-time so you have to save your special attacks for the really ugly ones. Unfortunately the graphics are minimalistic too. But I will handle that after the game design is defined. I have some big plans for the weapons but can't share them here right now plus it depends on the overall-result.
  • Combos
    the player can now achieve combos that will multiply with the enemies value points. E.g.: Asteroids value = 1 your combo is 10 so you will obtain 10 points for each asteroid you destroy during the combo. The longer you can hold the combo the higher your score will be.

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