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This weekend Asteroids.X made a great progress a ton of new features where implemented into the game. Unfortunately it's realy late and therefore is this post going to be rather short. But I will update this post this week.

I'm only going to cover the biggest changes and features for now.

  • Combos The player can now achieve combos that will multiply with the enemies value points by destroying one enemie after another in short period. This will add a lot of extra points to the player's score.
  • Difficulty Level
    After the first tests I saw a lot of people struggeling so I changed the difficulty level at the beginning.
  • Music
    More drama music
  • SoundFX
    A bunch of new sound effects were added. Which will support you while playing.
    • a voice is now telling you when the special weapons alpha & beta are loaded (cool-down)
    • a sfx will give you feedback when the boosts are enabled and disabled
    • a sfx will give you feedback whenever you collide with an asteroid
  • Playability
    The player will get a much better feedback when colliding with asteroids and loosing health.
  • Login/Register
    The login & register screen changed it's look plus the player now only needs a username and password. No more e-mail is needed to save the score.
  • and much more...

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