I am working on some new features. The progress is a bit slow, due to my real job but still the game proceeds. I don't have much time to go in detail right now, still I want to share some upcoming features. So here's a bit of an info to keep you up to date.

I'll start with a very big gameplay change that will be implemented in the new update. For now lets call it "coins"


Main idea of the coins is to change the gameplay radically. It's not longer about destroying asteroids. It's now all about gathering coins while the asteroids are here to prevent you from easely taking them. The player will still need and benefit greatly from destroying asteroids and combos but he will also benefit much more if he manages it to collect coins in passing.

For this feature I reworked the wave-system and difficulty-level of the game. The idea is to start slowly while the intensity grows and with it the difficulty.


So the main road is set. I'm trying to give the player relaxing & stressing moments by turns. The players main goal will be to survive this big ass asteroid-waves to collect more valuable coins afterwards. In this phase the player will be able to take breath again.

So this is a very significant update because it changes the gameplay and now the game is directed into the right channels. Plus it gives the player much more tension to survive a hard battle to earn rewards afterwards.

I'm testing this right now with some friends, I hope this will work out just as I think it should. In the best case it will provide much fun playing Asteroids.X.

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31 days ago

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